Local Links

Great local links to help care for your pets:

Pet Stores

A great new pet shop right here in Stamford on High Ridge Road.  They have competitive prices on quality pet foods and supplies, as well as some great gift items for the pet lover in your life.  And if you don't know what to get that pet lover in your life...they have gift certificates available too! - PetValu

Another good local pet store is Choice Pets with stores in Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport as well as else where.

Pet Pantry - with stores located in Greenwich, New Canaan and Wilton

PetSmart - nearest local stores are in Stamford and Norwalk

Professional Pooper Scooper

Not feeling motivated to pick up all the little 'presents' your dog(s) leave for you in your yard?  You can always call Doggie Do Not, who would be more than happy to come clean your yard of all your dog's little 'presents.'


VCA Darien Animal Hospital - personally recommended by my own dogs and cats!

South Wilton Veterinary Group - again, personally recommended by my own exotic pets...ferrets, birds and snakes!

A Cat's Place - highly recommended by lots of my cat clients


ROAR Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue - they placed one of my own cats with me back in 2010

Paws - located in Norwalk, Connecticut

Ferret Association of Connecticut - as a ferret-lover, FACT is dedicated to helping ferret owners, caretakers, and most importantly, the ferrets themselves